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Typewriter Renaissance

We recently watched this video on Sunday while waking up and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. We are still amazed that the manual typewriter is still going strong. If you, or someone you love, has a typewriter… or is thinking about getting one…perhaps you should watch this. Then, come on by or contact us with your questions.

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Photos of the day








Keyboard Deconstructed

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The Rare Occasion When We Condone The Disassembly of a Typewriter.

Photos of the Day

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The Manual Typewriter “…cannot become obsolete because it already is.”

Last December Mike McGettigan put together the “Philadelphia Type IN“. A video was made of Mr. McGettigan discussing the first Philadelphia event.

Check it out and tell us if you’re interested in attending a Portland version of this event. Perhaps we could have our own event in Portland sometime in the spring… or, a supportive event around Wordstock… what do you think?

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Manual Machine Enthusiasts Growing at a Nice Pace.

We found a nice neutral blog to follow.

Happy New Year.

Hopefully, by the looks of things, the manual typewriter will continue to grow in appreciation by those that really understand what it means to own a manual typer. So much so, that there was a Type In event held at a pub in Philly ( via Strikethru ). Perhaps one day there will be a similar event here in Portland. (let us know if your interested).

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Basic Typing, Part I: Methods (Part II) (1944

Basic Typing, Part I: Methods (Part I) (1944)

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