Typewriter Renaissance

We recently watched this video on Sunday while waking up and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. We are still amazed that the manual typewriter is still going strong. If you, or someone you love, has a typewriter… or is thinking about getting one…perhaps you should watch this. Then, come on by or contact us […]

The Manual Typewriter “…cannot become obsolete because it already is.”

Last December Mike McGettigan put together the “Philadelphia Type IN“. A video was made of Mr. McGettigan discussing the first Philadelphia event. Check it out and tell us if you’re interested in attending a Portland version of this event. Perhaps we could have our own event in Portland sometime in the spring… or, a supportive […]

A Shared Link

It’s always nice to know that there are other folks out there looking to keep the manual typewriter alive… even though it’s a story about the dying breed of repairmen. Check it out. (Click the image below for the full story)